Ulster Museum

Here are some more pictures from the ulster Museum. This museum was great as I got to learn about the history of Northern Ireland, the nature of Northern Ireland as well as other parts of the world. It had a bit of everything, and was very inspiring as a whole. A very interesting collection of art pieces, as well as plants/animals/insects/historical objects.

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The Art of “The Boxtrolls”

The Art of “The Boxtrolls” by Phillip Brotherton, is a book I borrowed from a fellow student in last years. I found this book very helpful in understanding the contrast between warm and cold Colors. Also, these concepts have a strong distinctive style which mirrored Tim Burton’s work due to the wonkiness in the silhouette of nature. I can see a relation between the two, and I’m not surprised when I read in another book of Tim burton that he was greatly inspired by German Expressionism.

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Paolo Annibali

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I met this artist in Bella Italia, during my high school studies as he has strong connections with the school I used to go to.

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From various animations that inspired me, his work has something somewhat similar in terms of materials. This artist keeps realistic anatomy, however killing the illusion of reality, with the texture being more in its purest primitive form: the material used itself, clay/terracotta. He plays very much with the idea of identity, as well as incorporating surreal/abstract scales creating his pieces more visually appealing. It gives the viewer’s eye something unusual for it to see, therefore interpreting it more as an original piece, rather than an imitation of reality. A great balance between what is real and what is not.